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    Napoli - Torino: capitali si nasce
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    Calendar 2022

    Napoli - Torino: capitali si nasce


2022 Turin

Napoli - Torino: capitali si nasce

Photo Gallery

Royal Palace of Venaria
30 October 2021

Photo Gallery

OGR Officine Grandi Riparazioni
31 October 2021

Video by Piero Carchedi

Royal Palace of Venaria
30 October 2021

Video by Giancarlo Izzo

Royal Palace of Venaria
30 October 2021


Museo Egizio
29 October 2021


Why Turin

After Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, I chose Turin, the capital of the Kingdom of Savoy, whose politics were decisive for the birth of the modern Italian nation and for the success of the ideals of the Risorgimento, because, now more than ever, I feel the need to reflect on the ideals and history of our country, to rediscover the reasons for its unification, some of which have been tarnished, and to be able to react to the anguish of a difficult present.

What inspired me to choose Turin and the idea of a possible comparison with a place as different as Naples was the memory of a fragment of a famous comedy by Eduardo De Filippo: Napoli Milionaria. The main character, imprisoned in Germany, finally manages to return to Naples, where the memory of the war has already faded, and no one wants to listen to his stories, particularly that of his encounter with a Jew, terrified at the prospect of being captured by the Germans again.

In those years, as we all know, similar indifference was shown, at least at the beginning, to the attempt of a chemist from Turin, Primo Levi, to publish his memories of imprisonment in the camps, memories that later became much quoted and perhaps little read books, If This is a Man and The Truce.

"I hate those who are indifferent" wrote another Southern Italian, Antonio Gramsci, who had moved to Turin, and I would like this publication, in its own small way, to help stem the flow of indifference towards remembrance and culture, and to support the promotion of our heritage.

A contribution to the consideration of how, in the course of their history, two cities, both former capitals, have succeeded in changing and reacting to the loss of importance and centrality, being reborn each time different and yet in continuity with their own traditions.

It is with this spirit that we plan to meet in Turin, certain that the commitment, enthusiasm and even the fun that have characterised the enthusiastic support of the friends who have supported this project so far will continue undiminished.

Generoso di Meo

Generoso di Meo

  • Massimo Listri
  • Carla Melchior
  • Guido Toschi Marazzani Visconti
  • Alessandro Barbero
  • Mario Martone
  • Maurizio de Giovanni
  • Evelina Christillin
  • Fernando Mazzocca
  • Maria Gabriella di Savoia
  • Mario Epifani
  • Enrica Pagella
  • Guido Curto
  • Luca Mana
  • Leonardo Berardi