Del Cambio - Piazza Carignano, 2
Right in the centre of Turin, in one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Italy, Turin's pride since time immemorial. Michelin-starred chef Matteo Baronetto picks up and revisits Piedmontese tradition with an improvisation that he defines as reasoned. The photos of the dishes and the history that exudes from these walls speak for themselves. To these elements we can add the refined Bar Cavour and the stupendous Farmacia, renovated and redesigned to become cafeterias, places for aperitifs and after dinner, jewels set in Piazza Carignano.


Antico ristorante Porto di Savona - Vittorio Veneto, 2
The Porto di Savona is one of the oldest restaurants in Turin, operating under this name since 1863. The environment is cozy and familiar and is divided into several rooms on two floors. It is one of the few surviving restaurants in the city with the charm of the places of the past. The cuisine is in the most classic Piedmontese tradition. The restaurant overlooks the beautiful Piazza Vittorio and in summer has a large outdoor area.


Al Cacimperio - Via Lamarmora, 17
In the heart of Crocetta, one of the great references for meat in Turin. Naturally, the quality is very high and the range of grilled meats on offer (always lit and triumphant at the centre of the table) varies from Italian must-haves such as Fassona and Chianina to Kobe and Nebraska beef. The only seasoning is sea salt, to enhance the taste of each fine cut of meat; always accompanied by a good bottle of a great Piedmontese red.


Al Garamond - Via Pomba, 14
A city institution that is certainly no longer "young", but an absolute reference point for Turin's good cuisine. Santino Nicosia is by now considered one of the masters of our cuisine, thanks above all to the successful encounter, perfected over the years, between Piedmont and Sicily. A 19th century building, an incredible selection of wines... quite simply, Al Garamond.


Cannavacciuolo Bistrot - Via Umberto Cosmo, 6
The fame of creator and inventor Antonino Cannavacciuolo speaks even more than the restaurant itself. A bistro that combines elegance and familiarity, with a design based on the ancient oriental art of feng shui. The soft colours, the differentiation of the furnishing elements, the study of light, everything tends to put you at ease. Just like the gastronomic offerings of chef Nicola Somma, a Cannavacciuolo loyalist, which aims to exalt the Piedmontese tradition (to which Antonino is very attached), balancing the aromas and flavours of "his" south with the culinary culture of northern Italy. A Michelin star on his chest.


Chez Camille - Via Giambattista Bogino, 4
Central, central, cute and cute. French restaurants always have their charms, especially when it comes to gaiette and crèpe, an ambivalent sweet/savoury pair that everyone loves. Another fresh, French opening that fits in perfectly with the innovative mood of the Turin we like.


Coco's - Via Bernardino Galliari, 28
One of the last real piole in Turin. No reservation, blackboard with the dishes of the day, pasta and beans, photos from all eras, noise and voices all but muffled. Spicy, genuine, fun as the piole of the future were and will be, which are being reborn... A true city institution that Torinese people must have in their gastronomic background.


Fratelli Bruzzone - Via Maria Vittoria, 34/A
A name that is certainly not new to those who live in Turin. In the space of just a few years, this restaurant/bistrot has won several more or less official awards: according to La Stampa, "the best agnolotti in Turin", in our opinion, definitely worth trying. It is a fact that Via Maria Vittoria has become a food and wine landmark in the city, a beautiful reality in which Fratelli Bruzzone is perfectly integrated.


Griglio - Via Lanzo, 57
The phenomenon of butchery-grillery has definitely exploded in recent years. Some scholars draw its origin from the "fornelli", butchers' shops with a typical Apulian kitchen. It works more or less like this: you go to the meat counter like in a butcher's shop, choose what you want, they throw it on the grill and serve it to you. In Turin, as you know, there is a lot of Puglia, but especially today, for those who want to try a format of this kind, there are also many options. We propose a classic: Griglio, in Via Lanzo, one of the first. Long counter, great choice, excellent quality. For those who have never experienced a Griglio is certainly one of the places in the city to start.


L'Ancora - Via della Rocca, 22/B
New outfit, same (high) quality for one of the references for good fish in Turin. The "winter garden" is a gem that fits perfectly into the elegant and intimate environment of a few refined rooms, with attention to every detail. The must-haves are always the same: raw and grilled fish. White tablecloths, bedside lamps, lots of greenery, the Ancora is always the Ancora.


Madama Piola - Via Ormea, 6
A "luxury" Piola designed by starred chef Christian Milone. New, carefully aesthetically appealing, with a wink to tradition and a medium-high level of service and clientele. The perfect place (and a little bit missing) to discover or rediscover the flavours of our Piedmont in a slightly elevated and revisited version, but still true and true and recognisable version. The menu format is intelligent, accessible and convivial. The interplay between high quality and some typical piola references is in the end appropriate, pleasant and never incoherent.


Pescheria Gallina - Piazza della Repubblica, 14/B
The Gallina family has been working with fish at the Porta Palazzo market for a hundred years now. Ligurian fish, always fresh, which guarantees the last descendant, Beppe Gallina, the name of "the most famous fishmonger in Turin". The turning point came when Beppe decided to turn the fishmonger's shop into a sort of trattoria, where he cooked and served the catch of the day every day and accompanied it with freshly baked focaccia. An ingenious idea in its simplicity, the face of that genuineness that we like to exalt and which, as the queue at the entrance shows, is quite successful...


Poormanger - Via Maria Vittoria, 36 - Via Palazzo di Città, 26/B
It's amazing that it all started with a holiday in Edinburgh, a normal jacket potatoe and the conviction that "we can do it better". Fast, tasty, cheap, healthy, these are the secrets of Marco, Valerio and Daniele's idea: a potato stuffed with every good thing, from cold meats to cheeses and every vegetable in season; a fresh and genuine environment that, in just a few years, has conquered an entire city and achieved success, even crossing the finish line of a new opening in addition to the historic restaurant in Via Maria Vittoria. Always with the same idea, the one that comes from Scotland and becomes Turinese.


Ristorante Carignano - Via Carlo Alberto, 35
A new and fresh look for the historic Ristorante Carignano, with an entrance on Via Carlo Alberto and a design in line with the artistic and gastronomic renaissance that is sweeping through Turin. The chef is Fabrizio Tesse, a grown-up "disciple" of Cannavacciuolo on Lake Orta. The free-standing walls, with their sober and elegant white stuccoes, frame an idea of cuisine that originates from the Ligurian-Piedmontese axis and meets influences from all over the world. Reservations are a must, for an exclusive lounge with just five tables. Truly special.


Ristorante Consorzio - Via Monte di Pietà, 23
A town pride recognised throughout Italy, and a historic Tre Forchette in the Gambero Rosso guide. A fashionable place that, antithetically to the identity card of its creators, chooses a Piedmontese culinary proposal of yesteryear, just a few experimental ideas and, above all, lots of good food accompanied by excellent wine.


Savurè - Via Garibaldi, 38 - Via Madama Cristina, 12
What can tajarin, Piedmontese ragout of Fassona and the London district of Shoreditch have in common? OK, it's easy to find a link between the first two, but how do we explain the third? Savurè is a pasta factory which, if you call it a pasta factory, is a bit of an understatement. Savurè does produce artisanal pasta (many good types), but it also makes sauces inspired by every part of Italy; what's more, it prepares the dishes in front of your eyes, and an hour before closing it sells them at half price (London style). What can I say, a brilliant idea. So appreciated that it has been exported to Shoreditch, on English soil. Amidst the desire for something else, hipsters, different coloured socks, stalls, beigel shops, street artists and evenings that turn into mornings, even the scents and flavours of grandmother's pasta can find a place.



Spazio7 - Via Modane, 20
Experimentation and contamination are the key words to understand this restaurant, which boasts a Michelin star awarded to the young chef Alessandro Mecca. A subtle balance between contemporary art and cuisine characterises every detail, from the eccentric plates to the white surroundings that play with the bright colours of the dishes. The aesthetic impact does not leave you indifferent, but what surprises you is the substance of the gastronomic offer, articulated on several menus. Sophisticated, fresh, young, curious and, above all, good.