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Promoting the art, wine culture, beauty and historical and artistic heritage of Naples and Campania in Italy and around the world: this is the aim of the Di Meo Vini ad Arte Association, founded by doctor, collector and cultural entrepreneur Generoso Di Meo.

A non-profit organisation, the Association pursues projects of high cultural and artistic quality and international significance, promoting extraordinary stories of places, people and works of art in the world's great capitals, and investigating relationships, assonances and affinities.

The most ambitious project, pursued by the Association for over 20 years, is the Di Meo Calendar: not just an ordinary calendar but a true collector's item, produced every year in a limited edition, with the contribution of authoritative interpreters of the artistic and cultural world, comprising writers, directors, art historians, musicologists, philosophers and sociologists.

The project has involved the participation of Italian and foreign artists such as Lello Esposito, Ivan Theimer and Alexander Creswell over the years. The partnership with Massimo Listri, an undisputed master of architectural photography, capable of capturing the soul of places in unrepeatable images, was formed in 2013.

A long work of study and research defines each year's editorial project: each Di Meo Calendar investigates the underlying relationships between Naples, Generoso Di Meo's city of origin, and the most beautiful Italian and foreign metropolises: from Warsaw to Marrakech, from Lisbon to Turin, from Istanbul to New York via Berlin, London, Madrid, Belgrade, Paris and Vienna.

Further value is added to the Calendar by the in-depth texts written by illustrious personalities called upon to interpret and investigate the sometimes unexpected and fascinating stories that link Naples to different cities. What emerges every year is an unprecedented project, capable of connecting often different peoples, cultures and traditions under the banner of a new cultural syncretism. Over the years, Vittorio Sgarbi, Mario Martone, Piero Craveri, Claudio Strinati, Maurizio De Giovanni, Alessandro Barbero, Dinko Fabris, Valerio Caprara, Fernando Mazzocca and many others have written for the Di Meo Vini ad Arte Association.

The annual presentation of the calendar is preceded by a major event organised in the capital city to which the calendar is dedicated: an exclusive appointment that attracts guests from all over the world to uniquely fascinating historical sites such as museums, historic residences and royal sites.

  • Library of the Girolamini - Naples
  • Capodimonte Museum - Naples
  • Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812 - Moscow
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum - Wien
  • Museum of Hunting and Nature - Paris
  • Royal Academy of Arts - London
  • Tempelhof Airport - Berlin
  • Royal Palace of Venaria - Turin
  • Cipriani Wall Street - New York
  • Politeama Garibaldi Theatre - Palermo
  • Palais Kadiri - Marrakech
  • Çırağan Palace - Istanbul
  • Palace of Serbia - Belgrade
  • Palácio Nacional da Ajuda - Lisbona
  • National Museum - Warsaw

Calendar 2024

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