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A flâner around Vienna

An airing through central Vienna seems some journey to the past without having to leave our present.

Departing from Stephansplatz und moving up Kärtnerstrasse, on your right hand side there’s the:

LOOS Bar: +43 1 5123283 · Kärntner Str. 10, 1010 Vienna

Restored by a cocktail in this century old atmosphere, only a little turn left, and one bumps into CHEGINI, a hotspot for genuine fashionistas.

Boutique Chegini : +43 1 5122231 Kohlmarkt 7, 1010 Vienna

Just around 2 or 3 corners you’ll be able to sniff out a real gem of bootmaking art:

Schuhmacher Scheer: +43 1 5338084 Bräunerstrasse 4, 1010 Vienna

At the end of Bräunerstrasse, a quick turn left, on Vienna’s formerly most elegant boulevard, the Graben, KNIZE, sartorial quintessence and top Viennese if not worldwide most sophisticated tailor is established at number 13 for the disitinguished gentleman.

Knize: +43 1 5122119 Graben 13, 1010 Vienna

Have a well earned peg at ROBERTO’S before you let yourself be entertained wholesomely at WRNEKH, either dine at the MOTTO AM FLUSS or SOFITEL respectively to enjoy a glorious view over Vienna.

Roberto’s: +43 6769429001 Bauernmarkt 11-13, 1010 Vienna

Wrnekh: + 43 1 5331526 Bauernmarkt 10 , 1010 Vienna

Motto am Fluss: +43 1 2525510 Franz Josefs Kai 2, 1010 Vienna

Istead of turning right for the LOOS BAR, a stone’s throw away on your left, the enchanting KLEINES CAFÉ gets you a little closer to what Vienna can be.
Kleines Cafe: +43 1 5263372 Franziskanerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna

Refined cuisine at ARTNER just vis-à-vis and a hop to the MEIEREI, situated at the heart of Vienna’s central park, the Stadtpark, will let you ease out your day in perfect calm.
Artner: +43 1 5035034, Franziskanerplatz 5, 1010 Vienna

Meierei im Stadtpark: 43 1 7133168, Am Heumarkt 2A / im Stadtpark, 1030 Vienna

Savour your stay in Vienna!
Vitus Pasch

Apart from an exciting stray through Vienna’s 1st district, it offers tons of other jewels:

Jarosinski & Vaugoin — Die Silberschmiede
Zieglergasse 24, 1070 Vienna

Long-established family business, the Silberschmiede Jarosinski & Vaugoin, founded in 1874, is located In the midst of the 7th district, gentrified hipster hotspot just neighbouring the centre. Today, the 6th generation manufactures fine silverware representing both exceptional Austrian quality and design. Also, a visit to the old silver smithy is definitely worthwile.

Anker Brotfabrik
Absberggasse 17, 1100 Vienna

An old brick building where bread has been baked until the turn of the century today houses contemporary galeries, work- and designshops with a whiff of New York. Surely a must-see for all of you arty fellows.

Schloss Schönbrunn and Jausenstation Landtmann
Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien l

The Schönbrunn castle, former imperial summer residence, truely is one of the city’s most beautiful sights and the worlds finest baroque sites. It offers guided tours to the castle, a stray through the park and a spectacular view from the Gloriette. Have a snack and a drink at the bucolic Jausenstation Landtmann.

Skopik und Lohn
Leopoldsgasse 17, 1020 Vienna l

A felicitous ambience embellished with an abstract fresco by the artist Otto Zitko and wooden panels on the walls is home to a fantastic eatery serving a healthy mix of Austrian and French cuisine as well as proving you with a finely selected wine list.

Margaretenstrasse 39, 1040 Wien l

Design duo Elfenkleid, Sandra Thaler and Annette Precht that is, focus on simplicity and staightness in their ready-to-wear collection, without beeing dependent on trends. Their enchanting pieces combine modern sensuality with timeless elegance and a hint of romance. A very tender amorous confession made of unique cuts and soft and noble fabrics hence flowering out the most charming silhouettes.

Lisabird Contemporary
Brucknerstrasse 8, 1040 Wien l

Founded in 2011, this young galery became a core spot within the Austrian art scene. Both enthralling artistic positioning and international flair certainly pay off a visit!

Sarah Musser
Vitus Pasch

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