Tessa Capponi Borawsca
Fabio Cavallucci
Wojciech Ponikiewski
Riccardo Guariglia
Massimo Listri
Marta Herling
Vittorio Hemsi
Jas Gawronski
Carla Melchior
Vittorio Sgarbi
Alessandra Pugliese
Luigi Mattirolo
Pierluigi Coppola
Patrizia Sardo
Gelasio Gaetani d'Aragona Lovatelli
Justyna Szymanska
Aleksandra Furmankiewicz
Lucio de Caprariis
Teobaldo Fortunato
Costantino Lo Presti

2014 Calendar

At the end of October 2013, the Warsaw National Museum will be holding a big party for the presentation of the 2014 Di Meo Calendar, to coincide with the Guercino exhibition.

Ah! Why Warsaw? Why not....., which is a beautiful city too.

This is an obvious question, far from boring and actually very welcome, because it gives me the chance to show off a little of my knowledge.

Of the countries that were released from Soviet dictatorship over a period of fifty years, Poland is the only one to have achieved an enviable economic situation. This is thanks to the responsible and farsighted action of the political forces, working in conjunction with the powerful trade union organisations, and intelligent use of European funds, attracting the intervention of important international holdings, which have contributed to healthy and considerable development. Just think of the Italian companies present in Poland: Fiat, Ferrero, Mapei, Bombassei, Merloni and Marcegaglia – which are among the most important and dynamic of our economy.

Warsaw is the heart of a nation rich in history, which we know to have been lived with intense, admirable and dramatic passion; of love for culture and for nature: a city projected into the future but without forgetting the traditions of the past, open to meticulous and dynamic researches in terms of avant-garde art and home to the most beautiful and interesting galleries.

Don’t be afraid of the Polish names, which are so hard to understand and pronounce: English is widely understood and spoken in Warsaw.

The memory of Gustav Herling, so dear to us Neapolitans, is also linked to Poland. The artist always kept the flame of hope and freedom alive, from Naples, in his homeland through his works. And Marta Herling remembers her father’s intense relationship of passion with Poland.

Wojciech Ponikiewski, Polish ambassador to Italy, offers us a picture of the current cultural and political situations, and of the projects that aim to constantly improve his country’s economic standing.

Tessa Capponi Borawska, who has been a Polish citizen for thirty years, university professor and food anthropologist, suggests the traditional dishes you simply must try, along with Warsaw’s finest restaurants.

Fabio Cavallucci, director of the Centre of Contemporary Art of Ujazdowski Castle, guides us among the galleries and the city’s most fascinating and curious places.

Warsaw is a young city that wants to have fun; you will find lots of music venues, crowded clubs, very cosy cafés and avant-garde theatres alongside more traditional spaces. Luigi Martirolo, who has lived in Warsaw for years, due to his work, and who, as a young man, devoted considerable attention to discovering the city’s nightlife, recommends the venues currently in vogue.

Teobaldo Fortunato, journalist and art historian, who lives between Italy and Poland, takes us inside some historical residences, such as Walevize, Nieborow, Palazzo Poznanski, Villa Herbst and Oporow, all of which are perfectly conserved and located not far from Warsaw.

In keeping with tradition, Patrizia Sardo is with us again, ready to offer all the help you need with flights, hotels and reservations.

Another friend will also be with us on this tour to Warsaw, Massimo Listri, who, once again and with great enthusiasm, has placed his valuable time at our disposal to portray the places and monuments of Warsaw that remind us of the influence of Italian art through the centuries. To see Massimo’s beautiful Polish calendar, with contributions by Vittorio Sgarbi and Riccardo Guariglia, Italian ambassador in Warsaw, you will have to wait until the evening of the party.

Last, but my no means least, a big thank you goes to our sponsors who, with their presence and participation, have made the creation of the 2014 Calendar possible and even more prestigious, thanks to presence of their names.

Generoso Di Meo

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