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  • La Feria de Abril

La Feria de Abril

"La Feria de Abril was originally a cattle market. Over the years, the city of Seville, with its vitality and expansive cultural influence, transformed it into a great popular spring festival, with colourful and eye-catching traditional costumes. The history of the Feria is quite recent, about 150 years, and, originally, it hardly suited the Sevillian sensibility, with enclosures and small French-style pavilions where foreign melodies were danced to and where even the clothes were reminiscent of 'Paris fashion'. Later, Sevillian passion and vitality transformed the Feria from a cattle market, with its corrals and sheds, into a cheerful place with well-built little market stalls (the 'caseta') adorned with luminous lanterns, and visitors clothed in the traditional way villagers dressed: colourful robes, bandanas, shawls, calfskin boots and hats. The municipality made the rural and peasant aspect of its tradition elegant and, progressively, enriched the festivity with other elements: harnessed horses, carts, bullfights, dances, popular songs and lots of wine in the lively spirit of the city.

Like the 'Semana Santa', the Feria is also an important event that interprets the religious spirit of the city. If, on the one hand, the 'Semana Santa' is properly a moment of the search for beauty according to the canon of harmony and serenity, the Feria celebrates, on the other hand, the breaking of patterns, the carpe diem, the dionysian and ephemeral side of life. A different kind of spirituality that fits perfectly with the sensitivity and spiritual model of the Sevillians.